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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Looking Forward!


As the year draws to a close and we look forward to welcome the new one in - here I am - pondering in my little corner.

Oh, we had a lovely Christmas!  Spending time with family, chilling out and exchanging presents.  I’ve eaten Turkish Delight, drank Baileys and watched too much telly.  We welcomed a new puppy into the family – my daughter and her fiancĂ© got the most adorable chocolate brown Labrador! He is 10 weeks old and a little bundle of fun.

Before the decorations come down I’d just like to show you a picture of our dresser at Christmas – 

A Lot Going On!
This is the only time of year I can get away with having so much clutter!!

So, another Christmas is over and I don’t care what anyone says – we all feel a little down in the dumps at some point afterwards.  Not necessarily because the Christmas festivities are over but because January & February can be cold, dark depressing days. 

That’s why I like to have indoor bulbs.  Watching the shoots grow and the burst of colour as they emerge gives us hope.  Take a look at one of my hyacinths –

Signs Of Spring!
A little reminder that dark days don’t last for ever and spring is not far away.

I have lots to look forward to this coming year!

A grandchild (our first) 
and ....
youngest daughter’s wedding!

Eeeeehhhhhh!!!!! How exciting is that??!!

Instead of making New Year resolutions for 2013 I have started to make a ‘to do’ list instead - 

My 2013 To Do List
  • Emulsion spare bedroom (tin of emulsion  has been sitting in the porch since May) 
  • Wallpaper and emulsion our bedroom (pulling one strip of paper off last summer does not count)
  • Re-paint Lloyd Loom chair & bedside cabinet (As they are taking up space in garage)
  • Knit/crochet for new grandchild (a must)
  • Finish cushions for youngest daughters beauty salon (started many months ago)
  • Work out how to sell on Ebay (got a lot of clutter to go)
  • Do exercises EVERY DAY for sciatica (so that I can look my physio in the eye)
  • Read Keith Richards autobiography (been sitting on shelf for year)
  • Tidy garage (so we can get car in)
  • De-clutter house (on-going)
  • Finish granny square blanket (sew ends in)
  • Weed front garden (so that neighbours will stop talking about me)
  • Be nice to people (because ‘it’s nice to be nice?)!

Wishing You All a Happy and Healthy New Year
Love C x

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