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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Take Time To Watch The Birdies!

Happy December!

Look who’s come to see me today!!

We first met a year ago and it’s been many months since he was last here. I’ve missed him so much…….

Woody Woodpecker
Oh, and look!  Cooey!

Two Collared Doves
Most of today has been spent watching our little feathered friends in the garden. They seem so happy here ……..

Bird Feeding Station
....and while they are feasting on treats we have provided for them they are leaving the berries on the holly tree for me!

Holly Tree
I do like to decorate the house with lots of holly from our own tree at Christmas.  This tree has been here long before us.  We don’t know who planted it or how old it is but every year I give thanks to that person for giving us something to treasure.

Don't get caught up in the commercialism this Christmas - look at the natural beauty around you.....

Love Cx

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