Suzy Cat

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Another Ponder ... and A Vintage Card!

Here I am … pondering in my little corner again!

Just take a look at this……

Spy the pen pot!!
My not-so-little stash of Christmas cards to write!!  Quite a task! 
Aren’t I lucky to have so many family and friends to send cards to?

Oooh – I just love the sound of the postie dropping cards through the letterbox at this time of year!! 

Even during the day and evening the letterbox is busy swallowing cards from local people who hand deliver!!

Talking about Christmas cards…. Just take a look at this one….

.....My very first Christmas card!! 
Now that is what you call vintage!!  

I bring it out every year and put it on display!

Not sure why this is the only card that was kept from my baby years – maybe it’s because it is in book form and tells a story.

The front & back of the card shows a completed picture!
Ah, isn’t that sweet?

Just going back to the first photo again - did you spy my little pen pot?  

A cute little way to cover a jam jar! 

This is one of the first things we made in our crochet class at Jenny's (who feeds us scrumptious cranberry & white chocolate biccies) from the Knitting Basket in Hawes with MarmaladeRose

I became quite addicted and made a cover for nearly every jar in the house! 
A jar is not a jar until it has a cover!! 

Nativity figures coming along nicely - will post more pics soon.


  1. Lovely post C and thank you for the link. Just finished my Christmas cards, whatever you do don't add up how much it costs to buy them and post's scary!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment Fi! Yes, it is scary - but some would never speak to me again if I didn't post a card!! Look forward to seeing you in the new year xx