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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Memories!

His nibbs bought a 5 foot vase from our local auctioneer many years ago.
It stands in the corner of the living room and over the years I’ve experimented with filling it with lots of things.  Acorns, pot-pourri, bullion hair, seashells, coloured stones, tinsel..........but I think this is by far the best idea...
A vase of Baubles!
It just screams, 'CHRISTMAS TIME!'
And the best bit is - I've bought many of these baubles at car boot sales and charity shops over the year for pennies!! Their junk - my treasures! 

House is all decorated for Christmas.  We don't like to do it too early - much more festive when it's done nearer to Christmas Eve.  
Cards are up.  How do you display yours?  I’ve bought many things over the years but have never been happy with any card displays.  About 6 years ago I made these –
Card Holders
Simple really! Long length of ribbon, a curtain hook and a bauble!!  I cut random lengths because I don't like things to look too uniformed!
Stick Blu-tack onto card – stick onto ribbon – hey presto!!
Cards on Ribbon
I love cards!  I saw these in our local market town and just had to buy them!
Vintage Cards
Home made cards are never thrown out in our house! They are brought out year after year.  Here's a selection on our dresser.....
I treasure these cards.  Especially the ones my mam made because since her eyesight deteriorated she doesn't make cards as often as she did.  I think you can spot the ones my children made many years ago!! The pink glittery reindeer one is a favourite from Gemma, my youngest daughter's school friend. (who is now in her late 20's!). The last one that stands alone was made by Aunty Margaret the year before she died so that one is rather special. 

Ah, 'tis good good to bring out favourites from years gone by - Let me share some of my other Christmas treasures with you -
Made by my children over 20 years ago and brought out every year!
This angel (?!) was made by my great nephew two years ago and has joined the collection!

Oooh isn't it lovely to remember those infant school days with our children?  I can still remember the look of excitement on their little faces as they ran out of the school gates clutching their latest creations.

I've tried over the years to have a themed Christmas Tree - but sentiments get in the way! 
Like when I decided on a red & gold them - my mother-in-law gave me this purple & silver bauble which belonged to my late father-in-law.  It was one of the first baubles he ever owned and he treasured it for many years. When I think about that young boy spending his hard earned money on this bauble and how much it meant to him - I can't bear not to put it on our tree!   
A Very Old Bauble!
There's the Little Drummer Boy! One of the Christmas decorations we bought in our first year together   - just because 'we liked it'.
The Drummer Boy
This acorn (one of many) made by my mam -  
 These two tree ornaments made by my uncle.  The one on the right is an egg shell!  I did have another one with Christmas mice inside but one year I dropped it and it broke - I was devastated!
Oh, and here's another tree ornament that tells a story!! 
Glass Angel
I'm afraid she doesn't photograph very well but believe me - she is beautiful! 
Must have been about ten years ago - I was in a shop choosing a pair of William Morris design curtains but couldn't choose between two choices.  A man in the shop went on to tell me the whole history of William Morris and the story behind every design!! I left the shop thinking he was slightly cracked - even though he had helped me make a decision! As I was leaving the shop he gave me this glass angel for a Christmas present. Now I treasure that angel -
and remember those words ........ 'Eehh! Isn't it nice to be nice?'         

Ah, so many memories at Christmastime - so personal to us.
Like this little log that was my grans -
It didn't look like this when I got it! I've titivated it up a bit with a new robin and new decorations but the memory of seeing it in her house every Christmas is still there.  

This table runner which belonged to my husbands great aunt - 
We put it on the sideboard every year! I love the angels! Unfortunately I've spilled candle wax on it and it has a few greasy spots.  But, our possessions are there to be used not hidden in cupboards and a bit of Christmas holly hides the marks.

I've made a few things myself which I'm hoping will be family heirlooms - 
Cross stitch
Christmas shopping in York this year I treat myself to these Christmas goodies! -
Oh, I just love Christmas!
Spending time with family, indulging, being creative -
Christmas Silhouettes
 snuggling up, keeping cosy and warm and having fun, fun, fun!!
Wishing you a merry little Christmas and a healthy New Year

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