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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Knitted Nativity Set

Hello! Come on in –

I’ve made mulled wine!!
Mulled wine
I'm just waiting for a few friends to arrive for a bit of girly natter!!

Mince pies & stollen cake
I’m just sampling the wine – tastes good!

Take a closer look at this tea light holder – It's my favourite at this time of year. 

Christmas tea light holder
See all the Christmassy things inside the glass?  
I bought it many years ago at White Rose Candles in Wensley.  (They sell lots of lovely things and you can watch them make candles!)

We’ve got the Christmas CD’s out!
Christmas music!
The Partridge Family (remember them?!) - an old favourite of mine – who can resist 'Rocking Around The Christmas Tree' with David Cassidy?!  

Along with Slade & Wizzard you can’t go wrong with a Christmas Collection CD!  – My favourite on this one is David Essex singing ‘A Winter’s Tale’

But my absolutely favourite Christmas CD is this one –
Just looking at the cover makes me feel all nostalgic!

How many of these songs do you recognise?


Oh, just before you go – just take a look –
I’ve finished knitting the Nativity Set!!
Nativity Set

Mary & Joseph
Baby in Manger

Three Kings
My little trademark!!
I did sew some jewels on the Kings gifts! As you can see I also added a bit of straw to make it look like a real manger!!

Last night we watched this DVD
Christmas Film!
We really enjoyed it and I cried when the baby was born!! – I love a birth!!!

Well, I really must go now!

Ta ta, take care - and remember – 'IT'S NICE TO BE NICE!!'
Love Cx

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