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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saxon Cross


Got a blog in before Janurary is out!!

Other things got in the way a bit over the last few weeks!

I don’t know about you but I can happily go to bed at 7pm at this time of year!

And, the rest of the time (apart from going to work, doing the ‘big shop’ and eating) I’m going through a new fad  -  A fad of doing nothing – oh bliss!!

Curling up in my little corner, pondering, pondering, pondering over 2012……..

It was about this time last year that the Handicraft Group in the Village invited me to take part in making a Wall Hanging to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee year. 

The Wall Hanging would depict aspects and images of our village in a variety of textile media.

I offered to do the Saxon Cross from the church as no-one else seemed keen. I could see why – it was very drab looking..…

When an extensive restoration was undertaken a Saxon carved stone cross was discovered in the church wall, which is now on display above the pulpit. 
 I agonised how I would do this cross and took along to the meeting a selection of brown & red threads for advice.  When someone asked me ‘how do you see a cross?’ My first answer was ‘gold!’ And, so it was decided that I would do it as I see it!

The ladies were aiming to have this project finished for MAY!
We all set to work like busy little bees – it took over my life to be honest!

I drew the pattern on graph paper a first for me – I’m more than happy to follow a pattern thank you very much!

I agonised over colours. 

Now if you want gold - you really need to use metallic thread to give it ‘bling’.

Metallic thread – now there’s a challenge!

Lost count of the times I pulled it out, screamed with frustration and scoured the Internet for tips. 

Some tips I found useful –
  • Use shorter lengths of floss
  • Knot thread at eye of needle to stop it slipping off
  • Use thread heaven or bees-wax to strengthen the thread
  • Stitch slower and have some patience

Variation thread – another welcome discovery!
I decided to use variation thread for the knot work. I just stitched away and waited in anticipation to see how the finished colour design would turn out.  I was pleasantly surprised -
My Cross Stitch of the Saxon Cross
I am pleased I only did an A5 size and not A4!

We all did something different, using different techniques and imaginations ran wild -  
Village Wall Hanging
The Wall Hanging was officially unveiled on the 4th June and now hangs proudly in the Village Hall.

Stay safe and warm
love C x 

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