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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beryl The Knitter!

Why is it?

When we are snowed in and it is an ideal day to sit by the fire and do whatever crafts I choose - all I want to do is go outside and play in the snow!!!

        yes,! Age 50+  – and I want to play in the snow!!   

So, I made a snowman – well woman actually – would you like to meet her?…
Beryl the Knitter
 She's standing right outside our kitchen window.

I would offer her a cuppa but I don't want her to melt just yet...!

Well I enjoyed myself anyway!

The snow is very picturesque where we live and we've been out and about taking a few photos - 

 Below - some photos taken in our garden -

Our Garden

The Holly Tree In Our Garden

Our Garden
Below some views from our bedroom window -

Queuing for Breakfast!

Queuing for Breakfast!
Lovely, crisp white snow.  Very cold though.

You may remember that we got a new addition to the family over Christmas.  

My daughter and her fiance got a chocolate brown Labrador puppy.  They called him Robin and he is adorable.

However he does get up to some mischief!
Robin And His Naughty Antics
Robin managed to get to the post before anyone else. 

He knows he has been naughty and it is very wrong to do this - 
We only laugh about it amongst ourselves when he is out of earshot.

On Sunday he enjoyed a walk around Easby Abbey with us.
Robin & Bobby
Bobby is Robins best friend and they had great fun playing in the snow! 
We had great fun watching them as they chased balls and slid on the snow but it is rather difficult to capture the moments on camera as they were too quick for us! 
Easby Abbey Walk

Keep warm & safe
love Cx

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  1. Gorgeous snow photos. VERY naughty puppy!! Carol :)