Suzy Cat

Friday, 26 April 2013

Woe is Me

This week has been an ‘ouch’ week for me…..
…… Tooth Infection!

I stupidly misjudged my pain as having cold in my gum so didn’t go to the dentist as soon as I should have done. The treatment was so ‘ouchy, ouchy’ that we couldn’t continue so I was sent home with antibiotics.

Another visit this morning for another go – and would you believe it – the injections did not make me as numb as I should have been.  Have now been referred to a specialist dentist.

Woe is me……..

Yesterday morning my spirits were lifted when I saw this beautiful rainbow from our bedroom window.

Beautiful Rainbow
I sang 'Who Put The Colours In The Rainbow' all the way to work! 

Looking at the rainbow I think it is slowly dawning on me how all you clever people are putting your colour palettes together. 

There is hope for me yet …..

Happy weekend!

Love C x


  1. Really hope your tooth is better and that you've been able to enjoy the weekend. x

  2. Oh no! There isn't much worse than the dentist, ugh! If it makes you feel any better since the beginning of the year I've had an abscess, root canal filling, lost 3 fillings from the same tooth and this morning my temporary crown fell off. Back to the dentist for me tomorrow, can't wait for the bill!