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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Such Excitement!

Well, he’s here!!

Our Grandson has arrived!! He was born on Palm Sunday and weighed 6lb 8oz. 
Congratulation Cards

His nibs and I were called out at 2am in the morning after a heavy snowfall.  We had to dig the car out of the snow and had a scary 4 hour drive to the hospital in horrendous weather conditions!  However another 12 hours later our grandson was born!

AND I WAS THERE! Yes, I was very privileged to see my first grandchild born. 

Such a delight! 

Mammy, Daddy & baby are doing very well.

My new role entitles me to a new bag – which I carry with pride -

Gran's bag!

I’m afraid I didn’t get around to taking any photos of my Easter decorations this year to share with you but I did enjoy seeing all of yours. 

His nibs treat me to a delightful box of Easter choccies, which I did photograph!

Scrummy Easter Chocs

It’s been interesting to read how many of you have lost your ‘mojo’, been feeling under the weather, lethargic, etc. recently. It is good to share these feelings because now I know it is not just me. It has given me great comfort to know that I am not alone. (I have been reading many blogs even though I have not been active on my own!)

My own theory for myself is that where we live - our stone houses are so very cold that I can’t warm my hands enough to get them working!! Once we get one room warmed through in the house it’s too cold to move to another!

When I visit my parents or either of my daughters modern houses they walk around in short sleeve tops – at home I’m always wearing a body warmer or fleece on top of 2 jumpers!!

My new best friend is my hot water bottle!  I sit and cuddle one every evening and take – 3 to bed with me – yes 3!!!  Yet when I stayed with my daughter the other week – I was so hot I slept on top of the bed covers!!! That's the difference between modern houses and ours!

I would happily hibernate during winter.  We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves but use this time to recharge our batteries! I’ve been reading many blogs and making lists of things I’d like to make and I know when the weather (and my hands) warm up there will be no stopping me!! In the meantime we must remember to eat well & exercise as best we can. 

Last Saturday his nibs brought me my morning coffee and there was great excitement when he drew the curtains to see 2 lambs being born in the field opposite our house.  
New born lambs

Just born!

Mother cleaning new born lamb

New born lambs

New born lambs

Sorry not good quality pics but we had to catch the moment without too much disturbance!! If you click on the photos it may bring them up larger.

We sat in bed and watched this wonderful sight – who needs a telly??!!!

Thank you so much for leaving comments on previous blogs.  I do appreciate it x

Love Cx


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! What a joyful occasion - I hope everyone is doing well.

    This cold Spring has been hard on everyone, I think. It's so nice to see the garden slowly waking up and things coming to life again.

    Gillian x

  2. Congratulations, and what a lovely time of year for a new baby with all the promise of spring in the air and the lambs around!